Mammoth just this last week through Thanksgiving finally got some snowfall, in the amount of 19-30 inches. While that amount of snow would be nice on top of an already existant base, it is very limited coverage when just applied on top of dirt. So it is more so “just a start” rather than “WOW A POWDER DAY”. But if the second storm drops similar results, I am poised to have a great couple of days on the hill!

Very different image than when I was there last weekend:

I am heading to the mountain Friday morning, so I am very excited about the upcoming forecast of 14-20 inches expected in the next three days:


Some of my favorite parts of the mountain are now open so I am pumped to have a legit ski trip, rather than just lapping a couple of groomed runs over and over. It will probably be crowded as the first real snowfall always brings all of the loonies out of the woodwork. Plus with limited lift operation and the whole mountain not being operational, leads to more crowded lifts generally. I can’t sneak away to some of the harder to access lifts. Oh well, I will be having fun either way! I will gladly wait in a line for real snow.