After a few weeks of rain, warm temperatures, a little snow, followed by more rain the snow is finally falling again at Mt. Bachelor here in Oregon. It's back with a vengeance too, wind gauges at the summit captured gusts of 130mph last night, and 80mph at mid-mountain. Despite the wind though, the snow is very much welcomed, and a pleasant surprise from what the forecast originally called for. With weather being so unpredictable in the mountains, and especially on a mountain like Bachelor, it can be hard to gauge what conditions may be like before you strap on your snowboard, or clip into your skis. For myself, I rely on the Weather Channel app on my phone, which is wrong about 90% of the time, and weather reports from the Mt. Bachelor website which are generally pretty good. Living only 30 minutes from the base, and being able to see the mountain from my porch, doesn't hurt either. What works best in other areas of the country, and the world, though? Is it NOAA, WeatherBug, or is it the way the leaves are blowing in the morning?