April is here, and the ski season is nearing its end. Bad news for skiers and snowboarders, but great news for a fresh supply of season ending edits, and footage. For us here in Central Oregon, Bachelor has been the butte to be at this winter, with one of the best snow packs in the Pacific Northwest, which wasn't saying much. Despite that, there were a few awesome days this year, ones that if you knew where to go you'd find some guaranteed fresh tracks for days. No one captured that spirit better than Pete Alport did with Alex Lopez when they filmed this 2 minute and 20 second edit for Mt. Bachelor.

The slow building beat, the effortless powder slashes, and carving all combine to form a nirvana-rendering piece of video that captured some of the best riding in the season. Here's the thing about Bachelor though, they're not the only mountain with snowboarders and cameras. Lots of mountains have that exact combination. So with that in mind, show us your favorite clip from your local mountain. Be it park laps in a Minnesota ski mound, or powder lines through a crevasse in the Alps every mountain is different and has its own unique lines, and skiers.