Awful picture; phone was all wet

Went to Welch Village and was very pleased, I hadn't gone for two years and I was better then I was last time! Finally getting the whole carving thing down.

Only went down a few times, spend most of the night trying to teach my friend, it was her first time and I didn't make it any easier for her... For some reason I thoufht she would be better off with my board (K2 Access Wide) which had been waxed (or whatever that's called) not that long ago so it was way too fast and kinda short for her, so I feel like an idiot now. She still did ok, but I should've given her the rental board (slow as heck). At least we got to spend some time together. She had a 12 hour car ride home today... Which makes me feel even worse. Live and learn. If she ever lets me take her again I'll do better


Another awful picture, I have no idea what possessed me to make that face.

P.S. Is this suppose to be a blog in the style of Oppo (as in we all post our own stuff)? Sorry if this isn't the kind of thing to post.