Hello, and welcome to PowderForward, a new sub-blog dedicated to skiing, snowboarding, and the pursuit of powder. Whether you're an Ice Coaster doing park laps all day, or living the dream out West and smashing pillow lines on your lunch break this blog is for you. There are a few ground rules to this community, but they're pretty straightforward:

-Let's keep it snow related. Your cat may be cool, but we don't necessarily need to see the new brand of Kittie Feast it's munching on this evening.

-Be open to skiers and riders of all skill levels. Whether you spend your days in the backcountry, or you haven't quite graduated from the bunny slope, we're all in it together for the same reason.

-Keep it civil, and have fun. Good-nature ribbing is acceptable, but threatening to stab someone with your ski pole, or beating them over the head with your snowboard is frowned upon.


Other than that comment on here if you'd wish to be a part of this community!