Are we there yet?
Photo: Self

There was plenty of snow, the problem is that it was too windy to spin the lifts. I hung out for a while seeing if they would run, then got goaded into hiking for a run. It really wasn’t worth it. The wind made things pretty gnarly. Thigh deep wind drifts mixed with wind blown crust made for pretty dicey conditions on my one run. I’m sure it would have been worth it to ski if the lift was running, but not so much when a 5 minute run took a 30 minute hike.

Nope, we’re not there yet.
Photo: Self


Too bad the lifts weren’t able to run.  I’m sure the skiing on other aspects of the hill would have been a lot better where the runs were more protected from the wind.  It turns out I made a bad choice of which run to take after hiking it.  Should have gone climbers right where things are more protected from the wind.  Instead I came down in the trees to climbers left.  The wind was coming from that way and it had been strong enough to make things really interesting especially towards the top of the run where it is more exposed.