I’m the coach of a Nordic Ski Jumping team in New Hampshire, and we rely on natural snow to use our jump. Yesterday we had practice on it for the first time this season. Conditions were excellent, considering the constant freeze/thaw cycle we seem to be in now for the winter season.

I have a lot more to say on this topic, but anyway, here’s a picture from last night after I raked the landing, after practice. I love how it looks after a night of use and a fresh raking. It allows me to take down the high spots and fill in the lows, and the snow, however loose it might be, will firm up overnight and it will be all that much better the next day.

Of course, it snowed overnight and will snow again tomorrow... which is good and all, but it’s more work before it looks like this again. 

This hill is a K28, which means the longest safe distance that someone could jump is 28 meters.