I present to you the greatest ski gloves in the WURLD! These gloves have been in use since at least 2011, though probably before then. They have been on a couple ski trips, been used for skiing locally, been used for shoveling my roof, running the snow blower and have been generally abused. They have held up to every bit of abuse and shrugged it off.

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These have been my go to gloves for everything since I bought them. Unfortunately Dakine no longer makes the Wrangler glove. They have full leather exterior, good insulation and a wool liner. The cuffs are slim, with a bit of a stretchy panel, and no straps or velcro to snag on things. They fit nicely inside of my jackets and do a good job of sealing out snow and wind. The fingers are precurved to help with dexterity. In short if I were to custom design myself a pair of gloves these would be the result. There is literally not one thing I would change about these and it’s going to suck when it comes time to replace them.


It’s not often you find a pair of gloves that are worth keeping for 8+ years. It’s even more rare when after 8+ years they are still your go to glove for just about anything you do outside. The full leather construction is ridiculously tough. Outside of the palms being stained from wrenching on my snow blower the gloves look brand new. They are starting to feel their age though. The insulation in the palm is pretty packed out, and one of the finger tips has a popped stitch. Yes, after 8+ years there is only one popped stitch on these gloves.  At the rate they are going I should be able to get another 10 or so years out of these before they crap out on me.  Maybe that is why Dakine discontinued these.  After a few years sales probably fell off a cliff since nobody has needed to replace a pair of them.

I forgot to find the popped stitch and document the carnage when I was taking pictures yesterday. In my defense it was cold and there was a slight breeze while I was taking pictures bare handed on my roof. Yes, those are sled tracks on my roof. Apparently this time of year you go sledding off the roof because it makes your sledding hill a little bit longer. The Finnlet had been bugging me to do that since I shoveled the garage roof for the third time the other week. It was a nice day yesterday, so we did some roof sledding after dinner.

Photo: My photo