The Ski & Snowboard Kinja.
The Ski & Snowboard Kinja.

Subaru Sunday

One of my favorite videos ever made featuring a car, is actually from a snowboarding movie. DC Mtn Lab 1.5 features a part with Ken Block taking his Rally America prepped STi through New Zealand's Snow Park ski resort. In it he hits kickers, kicks up some rooster tails, and comes dangerously close to wiping out half of DC's snowboarding team. It's a pre-Gymkhana Block demonstrating what it takes to become one of the internet and the world's most popular (And some would argue overrated.) motorsports icons. Featured here is a behind-the-scenes video of how it all came together and the complexities of filming a rally car in a park full of snowboarders.

Want to skip all that, and just watch the finished product? Then I would advise you click here.


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