Yellow plate crew tearing up the Bush!

This past weekend, I had a nice long ski trip up to Vermont. Over the course of those 4 days, about a foot of snow fell from the sky in total. And to make it even better, this was all light and powdery fluffy stuff! Anyways, what I want to write about, and why I lead with an image of my Miata at the mountain, is “slow car fast”. This mantra is well advertised on Oppositelock and elsewhere in the automotive community but I think can apply to skiing as well.

Greg’s Poop Chute 1/28/17 @ Sugarbush

When applied to skiing, I am mainly referring to ripping it through the woods or down a difficult, technical trail. I find that I can have more fun moving at a relatively slow pace through the woods rather than flying down a nicely groomed steep trail. Due to the tight openings between trees, any speed feels quite fast in the woods. So you end up feeling like you are going much faster than reality.

Groomers are like driving a fast car, you gotta be going REAL fast before you feel the speed

In the end, any skiing will be fun. Similar to how I would have a hard time frowning while driving a Nissan GTR. But if I had to pick anything to ski, it would always be the tricky stuff in the woods. Same as I would always pick my Miata on a nice back road.