Whitefish shut down yesterday and I am a bit sad to see my weekend routine upset. It was an awesome year for us 311-inches of snow and many powder days. The mountain closed with 100 inches of snow on top and we were still skiing everything top to bottom and south facing slopes up to the last run. My kids did 380,00 and 440,000 vertical feet each. I did a career high of 634,000 vert over approximately 50 days on the mountain. Some days were only a couple of runs due to poor conditions or lack of time. I have never skied so much in one season. Much of the increased level of skiing was due to my kids (10 and 12) becoming very good skiers and their shear speed that cut down the time to do a run and get back to the lift.

Biggest technological improvement: battery operated boot heaters, it’s a game changer.

Biggest skill level improvement: mogul skiing, and lapping black diamond runs. What seemed steep at the begnining of the year became much easier to ski by the end of the year. Next year http://skiwhitefish.com/trail-maps/ I’m hoping to explore much more technical terrain the mountain has to offer. We only ski two runs in Hell Roaring Basin (glory hole and hell fire), and almost never ski off the front of east rim, or down the north bowl.

Taking a break with the snow ghosts.

Below: pow skiing with the boy. Probably my favorite photo of the season.


Glacier National park in the distance

Flathead valley on April 10.