Since my girlfriend lives in Los Angeles, I make trips out to see her about every other month or so. On this latest trip, we were able to find time to head up to Lake Tahoe to go skiing at Squaw Valley. Now, who goes skiing in June?? Well it was 100% worth it. Snow was great and I got some amazing views with just a little hiking involved.

This image is sideways but it’s a cool panoramic photo
This photo doesn’t do justice to how steep this was

It was amazing getting to send it off of some really cool slopes. It was inconvenient having to hike to some of the really cool stuff but at least the snow and terrain totally made it worth it. Just enough of the mountain was open to give me plenty to do for two days.


I am definitely looking forward to going back in the winter with my recently purchased mountain collective pass. Squaw is hardcore and fun as hell. Plus the Tahoe area is great fun too. My girlfriend loved our airbnb in Truckee and we had some nice dinners down by the lake.