I kind of got the OK from my wife to get new skis. It is time to move from my 10+ year old Volkl Explosiv's and step into the world of rocker. Most of my skiing is in tight trees with cut up snow that can be anywhere between fluff and elephant snot or slipped down to hard pack. I want something with good float for when there is deepish heavy snow, and it has to be maneuverable so I can keep it pointed at the empty spots. From what I gather the Rossi Soul 7 looks to be the greatest thing since sliced bread. Can anyone confirm that or offer up other suggestions?

The other question that I've got is how do you size rockered skis? Right now I'm skiing the Explosiv's at 180cm. They are ancient so don't have any rocker, and even though they were fat when I bought them they are only 90mm at the waist. Do I stay the same size, go up since the rocker should make it ski shorter or go shorter since the extra width will make for a ton more surface area?