Spend any amount of time in a place where skiing is done, and you'll probably come across a certain skunky smell. Chances are it's probably not a skunk, but the leafy, green substance known as marijuana, or marihuana if you're from the 1930s. Mary Jane, weed, reefer, bud, sweet baby green, or whatever you may know it as has been intertwined into the worlds of skiing, and snowboarding, for almost as long as the two have been around. Rumor has it that even the bored Nordic grandfathers of skiing toked before taking to the snowfields on their 300cm skis. From the chairlift, the VW Bus in the parking lot, or that cozy spot in the trees that the patrollers can't see chances are someone's smoking a joint at most ski resorts and mountains. Now that has been established, I'd like to ask what are the best places you've seen someone smoking, or smoked in yourselves at, or on the mountain?