almost old enough to be my grandmother. But she was also an Olympic gold medalist in skiing and now she's a senator. Here she is!

That is Nancy Greene Raine at the 1968 winter olympics. She won a gold in giant slalom and a silver in slalom. See?…

One day in 2011 I ran into her at Sun Peaks (hill near Kamloops BC). This was amazing because that day was the only time I have ever been to sun peaks.


Anyways, by pure chance we happened to be in the same place at the same time. I introduced myself, and told her about my work and how it is related to hers. And then I popped the question. "Can I come skiing with you?"

She said that she was taking some people on a tour later in the day and I could tag along if I wanted.


*mic drop*

She then asked if I could "keep up". I said that I could. I ski really well, and can go quite fast. I forgot she meant "keep up to an olympic gold medalist". In a blink of an eye I was racing to try and keep pace with her, giving it my all. At one point we hit a rise, that was interesting. I was thinking "oh I'm in the air...heh"......"I'm still in the air"......."holy %&%%& I am STILL in the air". I managed to land pretty good, but when we got to the lodge (we were gonna go for lunch) she said "I thought you could keep up!"


Nothing like having your butt kicked by someone in their late 60's.

We skiied together all afternoon. It was an amazing day, the conditions weren't great, but I didn't even care. I was skiing with a literal world champion. Nancy said that because of being appointed to Canada's Senate, she doesn't get as much skiing in as she would like. She said she only got 64 days skiing in in 2010. The most I have ever gotten is about 20.


When I got back to the house where everyone was staying.... (when I woke up first thing that morning my friends said they wanted to sleep, I should take the truck and go skiing by myself), ....I boasted they all missed out. I got to ski with Nancy Greene. My friends then responded "who is Nancy Greene?"