The Ski & Snowboard Kinja.
The Ski & Snowboard Kinja.

Oh the calamity!

While it sucks that ski season ended early, it’s a shame to try and sue the ski mountains for closing the slopes. I just barely cracked 20 days for the season so it was a little bit shortened but I still got plenty of value out of my pass. I skied in Switzerland, Italy, Utah, and California on some great snow. I had zero days that i felt were a waste and skied nearly open to close every day. Having paid $600 for my pass, that’s a steal! And for ikon pass at least, they have given out a $50 discount for next year’s pass due to the closure. Not much but it’s totally free money to me.


Just seems entitled to me to be suing because of your $1000 pass going to waste when meanwhile people have lost their jobs and will soon have to choose between rent and food. If you can afford the pass, you can afford to make it through a pandemic like this having lost a ski season.. 

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