“But there’s still one thing left to do. Every Midnight Madness, the ski area builds a bonfire at the base. Says Hall, “If you ski past midnight, you gotta jump the fire.” 

Just read this article about night skiing in NH and it just sounds wild. Back when I first started skiing in my teenage years, I almost exclusively went night skiing any time I was at the mountain. Being in NJ and not wanting to drive far, my only real options were Mountain Creek (NJ), Camelback (PA), and Blue Mountain (PA). All of those places got very crowded during the day, especially on the weekend. However, night skiing starting after 4pm was great because the mountain was always deserted and tickets were significantly cheaper. My friends and I were very casual skiiers so snow conditions being icier at night and not having any groomed stuff left by then was a non-issue. I have very fond memories of freezing to death while skiing under the lights and just enjoying the night goofing off in the snow.

Anyone else fond of night skiing? I don’t night ski anymore but I do kind of miss the atmosphere talked about in the article.