Just placed an order for my first real pair of ski pants. I have always just used junky sub $50 pants that I order from Amazon or pick up from Walmart. While they generally work at keeping the water out and keeping the warmth in, there has always been something to be desired in terms of durability, breathability, and aesthetics. Due to an unfortunate incident with a tree branch at Alta last year as well, I have a giant hole in my current ski pants anyways so it is time for an upgrade.

I ordered from a website called “Steep and cheap” which seemed sketch but it is “powered by backcountry.com” so I am not too worried. For the price, I am willing to take a chance and see what happens. These arent particularly warm nor waterproof being a softshell pant but that is exactly what I like. I will layer up on colder days and probably order another truly waterproof pant for rainy/wet days. My main goal is proper ventillation though as my legs always get too hot while skiing.