The Ski & Snowboard Kinja.
The Ski & Snowboard Kinja.

My legs are jello!

I am on a nice little 3 day trip to Sugarbush for some skiing with friends. Day 1, the mountain was completely empty so even though we didn’t get there until about 1pm, we got so many runs that it felt like a full day. After a glorious dinner of bacon, more bacon, wings, meatballs, spaghetti, and all sorts of snacks we relaxed in our nice lodge and got some sleep. Today was day 2 and we went hard. Surprisingly the mountain was still pretty empty even though it was a Saturday! This is the first day it’s 100% open so people were spread out. We had so many runs and literally every trail top to bottom were moguls. So my legs are jelooooooo! Anyways, skiing is the best.


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