My objective here is to point out that 99% of gear reviews and recommendations are fluff pieces and have almost no bearing on reality and what you as a skier and boarder might actually like for gear selection. My experience is to demo skis and boards so you can figure out what general type of ski you like, then go from there...

I tend to like stiffer, damper, traditional shaped skis in the 100 mm waist range with medium to large turning radius. That doesn’t mean that other people will like those too...

Here are some hot takes on Skis I have tried:

Head’s super shape: hated them.

M4 Volkl Mantra’s: liked them, but not loved them

Nordica Patrons: hated them, I need to try the enforcers, they look legit.

Head Monster series: meh...

Elan rip stick: nope ( how does glen plake ski elan and take himself seriously)

Salomon QST 99/106: how do you even make these things work? So damn soft in the tip and stiff in the tail.

Rossi Soul series: not bad but a bit soft for my tastes

Head Kores: Bought them, love them.

Blizzard Bonafied: bought them, love them.

Dynastar: What happened dynastar? You used to be cool, now you kinda suck.

Hot takes on clothing:

Buy what you can afford and what fits well. Yes Columbia is not fashionable but it works great and will get the average Joe though a couple of winters in comfort. Arcteryx is amazing and totally not worth it unless you have money to throw away. North Face, Mountain Hardware, Marmot, Patagonia, and Outdoor Research all have great selections that will last years and years on the slopes. I have six 50 day seasons in an OR shell. The only reason I replaced it is the zipper wore out.


Hot take on boots:

Go to a ski shop with a good fitter. Work with them and spend the $$$ on foot beds. They are individual and can take months to figure out if you have weird feet. REI is not a good boot fitter unless your buddy from XYZ ski shop just quite and went to work at REI.

In my house there are four skiers and we all have different brands of boots, there is no such thing as  “I have a lange or salomon foot”. Maybe 20 years ago but not anymore.


Hot cakes on Saturdays:

10/10 would recommend.

...and the Internets full of somewhat use full but non specific info:

Case in point:


Case in point number 2:

If you want to read real objective reviews go to, these guys know what they are talking about.