Intro. I'll be brief. I live in Utah, I can see the snowbird tram from my bedroom window and I've skied most of my life. Resort stuff is good, but the backcountry is where its at for me. I've dabbled in ski mountaineering, its not for me and I tried my hand in the park...also not me speed. My thing is earning views like this

Snow is in my blood, the bloke in red...for in the snowboard hall of fame and is my uncle.

They may have been the first people ever to take a "snowboard" on a lift. neat.

I don't get out as much as I used to because its hard to get up at 430 am when you have been up at night with kiddos, plus leaving a sleeping family of 4 to go into the backcountry means I only go on days and in places I know are safe.

Still, just picked up a new pair of skis tonight, so Im stoked again for the season!