I want new skis this year, not because I need them but because I want them. I have my eye on some 2016/2017 Head Collective 105's and Blizzard Cochise skis. I would like something in the 185+ length around 105-110 under foot with some fat tips for a daily driver that won’t dissapoint on a 12" or more powder day. My daily right now is a pair of Line Influence 105's in a 186, they are getting pretty beat. I have skied them pretty hard for 4 seasons, frankly they are feeling a bit dead the last few weeks I skied them last spring.

I like a stout ski that is damp and has a solid GS turn shape. I don’t mind the length as I am pretty tall and about 200 lbs in the winter.

I think I would like the Blizzards more than the Heads as the blizzards have metal and are a very stout ski.