Yesterday Jacques L'Autre made a post asking about our best gaper stories. I replied saying I'd post a specific story later, but then figured I'd make my own post so more people might see it.

One day there was a group of local kids getting on the chair (detachable quad). They were all pretty good skiers as they were local and part of the ski school or local race team, but they were elementary school kids with the attendant minimal attention span that comes with being 7 years old. One of the kids totally spaced out and was about to get bumped by the chair. In my efforts to keep the chair moving and get the kid on I grabbed him and hustled him into position while walking backwards. By the time I got him situated the chair was starting to speed up and I was at the end of the ramp. I took one more step backwards and went off the ~1' drop there. In my attempt to not get run over by the now fast moving chair I did a high speed roll to get out from under it. Sometime during this I clipped one of the kids skis and knocked it off. Somehow mid roll I caught it and kept rolling out of the way. I quickly hopped up once the chair was clear and the kid was looking back yelling about his ski. I told him to wait at the top and ran back to the next chair and handed it to one of the guys who was getting on it. Luckily the guys getting on the next chair were experienced enough and had no issues loading otherwise I would have had a mess on my hands.

That wasn't really a gaper story, but it was more interesting than most of the gaper incidents. So many bullwheel riders and just stupidity getting on chairs. Working one of the fixed grip triples I had three guys line up and then the one on the side decided he would wait for the next chair. In his attempt to avoid getting on the chair he leaned over to the side while standing on the loading ramp. Yeah, he bashed his head on the side of the chair while I was yelling at him that the chair was going to hit him if he did that.

Then there were the gapers that would show up at Jupiter lift. Big signs everywhere saying experts only, no easy way down and they would show up. Here is a typical coversation:
Gaper: "What is the easiest way down?"
Liftee: "There isn't one."
G: "No, seriously, what is the easiest way down?"
L: "Seriously, there isn't one."
G: "You ski here, obviously one way is easier than the others."
L: "If you're asking for the easy way down you don't belong here."
I saw more than a few people walking down carrying their skis.

One day working Jupiter a couple attempted to get on the chair. "Somehow" the lady missed the chair and went sliding into the pit (between the uphill and downhill sides at the bottom). I stopped the chair and started walking over to help her. The chair obviously coasted a little bit so the guy was about 6 feet in the air when it stopped. As I'm halfway to the lady this idiot jumps down from the chair to help her. Since she was fine I turned on that guy and chewed him out and called him an idiot to his face.