A few years ago I was shopping for skis and ended up picking up a set of Blizzard Gunsmokes based on suggestions from here and online reviews. Now that I’ve actually had a chance to put some miles on them I figured I’d offer up my 2 cents worth. First, the TL;DR - if you’re looking for fat skis go buy a pair, they’re awesome!

Blizzard Gunsmokes - I think 2015 models

I’m pretty sure they are the 2015 models. They were picked up for half off on a closeout at the end of the year a couple years ago. These are the 179's since they were sold out of the 186's. For my use the 179's are the better choice as I spend 90% of my time skiing in tight trees. If you can find a pair on closeout they are an awesome deal. The past couple years have had updates to graphics, but outside of that they are still the same ski.

Now to ski them. They. Are. Awesome. There is nothing that they haven’t been able to handle. As mentioned earlier my skiing is about 90% tight trees on fairly steep terrain. Snow conditions are anywhere from light fluffy powder to elephant snot to #%!@%#@ snowboarders side slipped the whole !#%$# hill down to hardpack. There hasn’t been anything that they haven’t handled including knee deep powder in Utah.

A few weeks ago me and a buddy took a long weekend trip to Park City. We got into town about two days after the snow stopped and were still able to find some decent stashes of untouched knee deep powder. As you would expect from a ski that is 139/114/129 (sometimes listed as 140/114/130) it had plenty of float in deep snow. With tip and tail rocker it is easy to get the ski to come around regardless of the conditions. Whether you are arcing turns through powder, doing jump turns to keep from eating trees or blasting through a pile of crud these skis are excellent, especially in deep or varied snow conditions.

Can you find Sasquatch hiding in the trees?


After a day and a half of skiing powder in the trees everything was getting pretty skied out and the snow was settling and getting pretty heavy. Our flatlander legs were at the point that things were getting sketchy. In the interest of not ending our trip with one of us riding down in a sled we opted to take it easy after lunch and started poking around on the cut runs skiing the odd groomer and poking around in the moguls. For a big ski the Gunsmokes do a good job in the moguls and well enough on the groomers. They are definitely slower going edge to edge than a skinnier ski and once you get up to mach speed you start to question whether the edges will hold or not. You can still haul on the groomers, but I did end up smearing high speed turns to keep the speed somewhat in check.

To sum things up: if you’re looking for a fat ski that excels in steep, tight terrain these are just about perfect. They will even hold their own on the groomers if you need them to.