This wasn’t first me getting first tracks - it was just so solid that tracks weren’t being left until it softened up later.

Final day of the season here. They groomed last night so I figured I’d get up early to get a few last runs. Unfortunately they groomed wet and the it froze. I looked behind me and didn’t even marks from my skis. Went inside til the sun softened it up more and got a few decent runs in the slush. Had a little fun but was gassed by 11:30 and headed home as the smarter people who didn’t want to ski on ice really started showing up. I ended with a really nice line down one of the tallest slopes here so I have no complaints. 2018-19 was a great season here. I doubt we will get as much snow next year but my kids and I took advantage this year and really improved as skiers so even if the local weather isn’t good we are ready to go find snow if need be.

It did get better.
You know it’s spring skiing when locals start showing up in cargo shorts.
Bye 2018-19 season - it was fun!