Hello, folks. My name's Jacques L'Autre, well that's not actually my real name, but either way I'm the creator of PowderForward. I've been a snowboarder for over a decade, although I'd been on skis before that, and just recently moved out West to Oregon to pursue a 100 day season. I grew up on the East Coast, more specifically in New Jersey, and also lived in South Carolina for a few years. I first started snowboarding in 8th grade after I had joined the school ski club, and decided that I wanted to do something a little more challenging than skiing. I've been hooked ever since. After moving to the Carolinas, I ended up working at a ski shop there for a few years as rental/ repair technician and later in sales. The Southeast isn't necessarily the first place you'd expect to be able to get a job in the ski industry, but I had some of the best days of my life on North Cackalackie mountains.

I do have a bit of a confession, this season will be my first out West, but I'm looking forward to learning, and having powder days that consist of more than just a few inches of snow.

My current setup for this winter:

Snowboard: '09/'10 Ride DH 153

This has been a great board, but I am in the market for something a bit more all-mountain oriented, and rockered. I've been a camber traditionalist for years, but some days it's nice to have a little bit more of a playful feel.


Bindings: '12/'13 Burton Malavita

Boots: '13/'14 Burton Ambush