Here in the Pacific Northwest it's been a pretty warm start to winter, and as we enter the New Year there isn't really a cool-down in sight. If you're itching to get out onto the slopes, but don't have any snow then perhaps the Onewheel is for you. Somewhere between a Segway and a hoverboard, this board seems to be able to tackle a variety of environments from city streets to forest trails, and all without you ever having to put your foot down. A Kickstarter success, as of today they have over $600,000 pledged towards the project, far above their $100,000 goal, the Onewheel is available to pre-order for the mere sum of $1500. With that money down you'll get a go anywhere personal transport device, well as long as that anywhere is 4-6 miles from where you start, that will definitely be more unique than those peasant longboards.