Hello out there powder hounds. Here’s a 2016-2017 season recap.

Days skied: 53

Vertical as tracked by the ski resort: 628,346 (they scan your pass every time you take the lift, well most of the time).

Gear: This year I got some new goggles, Giro Blocks, much better than the Smith I/O’s I had before. They have an intermediate lens that works both in sun and 20-foot visibility fog. They also fit my face much better and have better outward vision.

Poles: A new pair of carbon fiber scott alpine poles was purchased in early December, since my son ran into me on a slope and broke my Rossignol pole in half. They were a very good buy at $90.


I also got a new pair of groomer skies, some Dynstar Power Track 89Ti’s in the 186 cm variety. Very, very, good hard snow ski. Decent off pist as well but if there is >4" of fresh snow I’m still taking my old trusty Line Influence 105's.

Skiing companions are primarily my kids (11 and 13). They have both been skiing for about 5 years now so they are solid advance level skiers and are really not holding me back much anymore. I can still beat them in moguls and very steep technical terrain but they will and do absoutly rip groomers at terminal velocity.



I hope the 3 people who read power forward had a good ski year too. See you all next fall.