It snowed so hard almost the entire time I was in Montana so it’s not like I could really take any photos. Plus I was too busy enjoying skiing that powder. But there was a small window of visibility as I was walking away at the end of the day where I could see the top of Lone Peak from the base area. But anyways, the best way to describe this portion of the trip is just wow! There was not a bad run you could take down the mountain in these conditions. It snowed more than a foot while I was there and all of it was light, powdery snow. I think I found just about every rock on the mountain but either way it was a great time.

Every ski day we came out to my car buried in snow and the drives to and from the mountain were all sketch with people in ditches, near zero visibility, and some entertaining ABS moments. While I’ve had a few drives so far that have made me happy to have my tires and this car, nothing has compared to this week in this state. No times did I really feel in danger, even when hitting black ice in turns and sudden stops on downhill snow covered roads. The car just stopped and turned and accelerated when asked. The one ABS moment was traffic ahead came to a halt because of looky looing at an accident where other cars clearly slid right off the road. As soon as I hit ABS, I switched to downshifting to slow down instead and already had plenty of extra space to stop. Still stupid that these idiots were stopping to look at the cars in ditch..

Anyways, the skiing was awesome. This time around we had a total crew of about 12 people, mixed between skiiers and snowboarders. Thankfully we didn’t stick around as one group since more than half of them wanted to stick to intermediate trails and take long lunches. So we had a solid group of 5-6 that were ready to take on whatever the mountain could offer. The place was so unfathomably huge that we were frequently separated and ended up in smaller groups that often saw each other maybe once or twice a day. Every day was still a powder day so the saying of “no friends on a powder day” definitely applied for me! I got my runs in no matter what and only the last day did I stop for a proper lunch for some warm food and hot brown to drink.


Now I’m getting pumped for even more snow falling right now at Alta since we head there today on a six hour drive to Salt Lake City. The current status is that they have gotten 27 inches of snow in the last 24 hours, it’s still snowing more today/tonight, and the canyon road to get to the mountain is closed. So assuming the road opens tomorrow, it’s going to be another great day of skiing!


And finally, I am also excited that this now marks my return journey to home. I do miss my girlfriend and living normal life. Skiing is great and all but more than doubling my season in one trip is both tiring and eventually feels too long. I’m making the best of it every day but I want warm Socal sunshine and coming home to my girlfriend every day. So I don’t think I’ll be doing a trip this long in the future but it has certainly been a rewarding once in a lifetime type of adventure.


Ski days this trip: 4

Ski days this season: 22

Lift ticket $ per day: $600/22 = $27.27

States Skiied: CA, UT, WY, MT

Resorts Visited: Mammoth Mountain, Snow Summit, Solitude, Alta, Jackson Hole, Big Sky