Not my picture, but this is what the beginner runs looked like

During my Christmas vacation, I went to Big Bear for a day and skiied the Snow Summit area. This is a much smaller mountain than I am used to but the terrain was still fun and the snow was pretty nice to ski on. Unfortunately, I didnt get on a ski lift until about noon that day but fortunately I did get to ski into the night until just after 6pm at least. It just took a long time to get up the canyon road to the mountain and then parking was a nightmare due to the holidays I guess. Having left home at 8am, I did leave pretty late. But since it was only a 2hr15 min drive according to google maps, all of the other time was bullshit parking traffic and then taking a shuttle to the mountain and finally getting up there. Either way I had a fun day and enough terrain was open and had good snow to make it feel like a real day of skiing intermediate level stuff. I spent most of my time in the terrain park just getting more comfortable being in the air. A short trip but an excellent way to spend a day enjoying some mountain air and getting in some light excercise. Getting home through a light flurry turned out to be a hassle since it took 3 hours but at least the alternative route I took avoided all traffic entirely instead of wading through LA.

Now it is time for me to start getting extremely pumped about my big trip. Utah, Wyoming, and Montana are going to be amazing and after occluding rest days, I should be skiing 14 days on that trip! Two weeks and two days left to start planning how I should pack the car and maybe get in another quick trip to Mammoth. My body is going to get abused but thankfully the skiing so far has gotten me relatively prepared and I think it will turn out to be the adventure of a life time.


Ski days this trip: 1

Ski days this season: 9

Lift ticket $ per day: $600/9 = $66.67

States Skiied: CA

Resorts Visited: Mammoth Mountain, Snow Summit