On this trip, I finally got up to the top of the mountain and it sure was spectacular. The views were excellent and the snow was deep and plentiful. There was a bit of a crusty/frosty texture to the snow depending on how the wind hit it but this also changed throughout the day each day. It had been pretty warm during the week (30F+) and then suddenly was much cooler on Friday (~15F). There were also wind gusts that nearly topped 100mph at the top later in the day so lift closures were aplenty as the day went on. This seemed to be the theme of the whole trip since the wind never really quite let up. It was a bit milder on Saturday but Sunday it came back in full force, leading to a late start and wild conditions. While the wind was a downside at times, it also was my greatest ally at others. At Mammoth, they are famous for wind buff creating powder-day like conditions on some runs even if it hasnt snowed in weeks. This was 100% the case on Saturday and the pow turns on a few runs were just unreal. Still kind of low tide so there were some rocks to dodge, but it was worth it for the soft snow. Sunday seemed to get even better as soft snow was easy to find just about everywhere. It finally felt like mid-winter conditions which was excellent considering its mid December. So hopefully with more snowfall and cold temperatures consistently, this winter should turn out pretty fun!

One neat thing that I found out was that I could walk to the nearest lift from the hostel I have been staying at. This is a 1/4 mile mostly flat walk that takes me to a gondola that then heads over to the base area. I was able to go back to the hostel during lunch on Saturday and while it killed about 90 minutes in total, I skiied first and last chair that day so it was nice to have a break for a quality home cooked lunch and a protein shake. Plus it was nice to not find parking in the morning nor have to waste any gas warming the car up.



Ski days this trip: 3

Ski days this season: 8

Lift ticket $ per day: $600/8 = $75

States Skiied: CA

Resorts Visited: Mammoth Mountain