We've all been there. You head up to the mountain to get some turns, and after a few laps the lift you've been riding on all day stops. It could be that someone fell off at the top, the chair broke down, or most recently in my case, the power goes out. Here's a list of some of the things that went through my head as I sat 40' off the ground for 30 minutes in the freezing cold.

  1. "The snow is really good today, I can't believe no one else is out here riding. I hope this lift gets moving."
  2. "Still not moving, I wish I had put on a few more layers today."
  3. "I wonder if I could jump." Looks down, and throws a snowball. "Nooope, definitely can't jump from here."
  4. "Why didn't I bring any pot with me?"
  5. "I really should've used the bathroom before I took this run, I wonder if anyone would notice if I started peeing off the chair."
  6. Checks cellphone, no service. "Dammit, can't check Facebook."
  7. "This could be a good Instagram photo opportunity."
  8. "There's the patroller, hopefully I don't have to be roped off of the chair."
  9. "I've been up here awhile, I wonder when they'll start roping us off of the chairs?"
  10. "Do I jump if there's a rollback, or just try and ride it out?"